• Being Born Again
  • Beware of false prophets
  • Disobedience vs Obedience Part 1
  • Effectiveness of Prayer
  • Jesus Christ the Light of the World
  • The Heart as a Fountain of Life
  • What is Agape Love

Being Born Again

BRETHREN, let us look at this fundamental principle of the kingdom of God. We are well aware of what the Lord Jesus Christ said in the Scripture above and it remains the same forever more. You cannot bribe your way to heaven, work your way in or cry. Some might believe that God only needs a good heart and good works. Let me warn you. That will not save you. You can be good to people and do anything you can but understand this; that will not save you. Unless you are born again, you are still a sinner. To be a sinner is not an act, it is a nature. Many look for a fruit and call it sin but they are not aware that sin is nature. Anyone born from a woman is already a sinner from birth. When they are celebrating a new born child, they are celebrating a sinner who has just come into the world. Unless a man is born of God, he will not see or enter the kingdom of God.

Beware of false prophets

It is very important for a born again Christian to walk in spiritual understanding, having the revelation of Jesus Christ in them and the illumination that comes from divine insights and walking in the consciousness of Christ. Do not walk in the consciousness of the devil but be conscious of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a revelation of one man-Jesus Christ, not the devil. In different Scriptures we are warned against false prophets. Now we have an outbreak of prophets like an outbreak of a disease. You will discover that they will not be called pastor, teacher, evangelist or apostle but, to fulfill the scriptures, they will call themselves prophets. They will elevate their office higher above any office, some going to the extremes of calling themselves “major prophets”. Then you will wonder where they will be getting their tiles from. Does it mean to say that the Holy Spirit is small in one servant and bigger in the other? God forbid!!! The Bible never states that Isaiah was a major prophet than Jonah. It is people who arranged the Bible who classified Isaiah and Jonah because of the length of their writings. For the writings that are long the writer is described as major and minor is accorded to the one with the book that is short. It has nothing to do with callings and purpose. Whether you are a preacher, an intercessor, or a believer who is born again, you are all the same in Jesus Christ. Discernment of times is important but the signs are very visible. The above Scriptures states that Simon did mighty wonders which moved the whole city.

Disobedience vs Obedience Part 1

For by one man’s sin we were all made sinners as a nature not as an act. You were born from your mother as a sinner already. So many people love to say, “A child is innocent because he/she hasn’t done anything wrong.” That is wrong. A child, as long as he/she hasn’t been born again, is a sinner. To be a sinner is a nature, it is not an act. Even if you do not kill anybody, by virtue of you being a non-believer you are a murderer. It has nothing to do with what you did but what Adam did. You do not need to steal to be a thief. You are already a thief as a nature if you are not born again. Because of one man’s act we were living in a world with no God. Though there was God...

Effectiveness of Prayer

Brethren, there is a lot of misconceptions concerning how to pray effectively. Let me begin by expressing how God in the latter times had a covenant with Israel of the blood through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The covenant was about the Son/heir which is Jesus Christ. Before the manifestation of the Son, the Jews would pray to God for divine intervention reminding Him of His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please note that whenever God intervened in Israel answering their prayers it had nothing to do with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but was about the covenant. In short, when Jesus Christ was manifested a greater part of the Jews refused to accept him holding on to Abraham. They would say to Him, “We are sons of father Abraham.” After the manifestation of Jesus Christ, the disciples asked Him to teach how to pray. He never taught to pray through Abraham (Matthew 6:9-13). Read it on your own.

Jesus Christ the Light of the World

B rethren, it is very sad now that some people refuse to come into the light and want to remain in darkness. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was manifested as the true Light that shines in the whole world, but many want to stay in darkness. The love of God was shown forth to us by the death of his Son at the cross, we are free. Above all, He has shown it much again by pouring His Holy Spirit in us, when we believed. If you are not yet born again, His love is calling you into the light, so that by His blood He will give you His Holy Spirit. Who, among you wants to stay in a house where there is no light? Will you not find ways to get the light in your house?

The Heart as a Fountain of Life

B rethren, a true reflection of who you are is in your heart. Throughout the scriptures we have discovered that God looks at your Heart, rather than on what you say or do. He is a God who searches the Heart of a person, thus the motive behind everything we do. That is why, our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to love one another. It is impossible to pray to God but inside your heart you are full of bitterness, hatred etc. What is in your heart is a true reflection of who you are. We relate to God inwardly not outwardly, you are a son of God inwardly or a son of darkness inwardly. It is not biblical to teach people how to hate because they became .....

What is Agape Love

I Am writing to you brethren concerning the subject of love, of God. It has come to my attention that there is need for the Spirit of God to explain to us what the love of God is and how we can know if we have it. I believe, by the grace of God, we will get to know what this love is all about. The reason why we have to focus on the love of God is that if you do not have it means you are not born again. Before I go into detail about......